It feels later than it really is. It felt as late as now right after supper, when My Sweetie asked me whether I would drive him (and his dilated pupils) around our corner of Austin for some holiday errands he needed to finish.

As I leaned against the kitchen counter, and thought wearily of the slow-cooker oatmeal I would later need to assemble, I glanced at the microwave’s clock and thought, “6:30? Why am I so drained at 6 : 30 ??”

Second thoughts reminded me: Tuesday morning I started to wean myself from caffeine by only drinking one cup of coffee per day. No normal iced tea, either, which I’ve been drinking to the tune of nearly a quart a day.

That’ll put a dent in a person.

See, I read this book, The Hormone Cure by Sara Gottfried, MD. She’s actually evidence-based, so I paid attention. She has a questionnaire, a long one!, which was nifty after I got it photocopied. The results of the questionnaire align with what my medical practitioners have been saying, problem-wise–which is always a nice occurrence.

And the one recommendation she points to with each of my likely hormone imbalances? Cut out caffeine, cut out caffeine, cut out caffeine. (Yeah, there were three results.)


It’s hard to argue with, too. Because any argument takes on a tinge of self-pity. “Hey, I can quit any time” would mean… that… I could stop last Tuesday, too.

I had a splitting headache Tuesday until I forgot and ordered an iced tea for ‘breakfast’ with B. Boy, was I embarrassed when I realized I felt better… and why. When we got home I overhauled my cold drinks, and hot drinks. So I’ve been staying on track a little better. And my headaches are getting a little better.

Still, it’ll be six weeks before I can gather my results-anecdotes.

Not data, because I’ve not taken a blood test nor spit test to gather a baseline. But if anecdotes are good enough for the bulk of the Interwebs, I can have them be okay for now.

It would be nice if it changed my A1C levels around when I next get my bloodwork done.

But even if it doesn’t, it’s not going to do me any harm to try it out. SIGH.

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