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Output this time of year tends to be spotty. I want to claim the writing time, but it’s also important to me that I complete the Key Holiday Items that I identified back when I was setting up Winter Holiday Chez Soques. And holiday items are slightly more time-sensitive, so they win.

Today (Saturday), in fact, is slated for finishing up Foods Using the Dough Board, and present-wrapping. Tomorrow will be together time, as A plans to drive over after she gets off work tonight. Plus the day after that… Christmas!

In the meantime, here’s a scripture passage I ran across that I thought was really funny. It’s early in the book of Isaiah, which has many passages read during Advent.

But not usually this one.

Will the ax glorify itself over the one who chops with it?
Or will the saw magnify itself over its user?
As if a rod could wave the one who lifts it!
As if a staff could lift up the one not made of wood!
–Isaiah 10:15-17 (CEB)

I don’t know whether it’s my personal affinity for anthropomorphism, or some deep-seated recognition of my human tendency to pretend I have more power and control than I really do, but I’m fond of the sarcastic passages.

As a pot, I do like your black kettle self. Hope it has had a happy weekend!

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