Still, victories

I’m listening to Todd Henry’s podcast episode, “Private Victories.”

He’s talking about his book-writing, but he’s not talking about the book-parts. He’s taking about how he writes 500 words a day… his step-goals or private victories that get him to the big places he wants to go.

I’m listening to him as I walk around the block for my steps. The ones I’m taking at 9:15pm, because after committing last April to finishing the scrapbook of our London trip, tonight I did just that. (I want the big work-table to wrap presents on-!) There were five pages left, so rather than box it up to bring out after the holiday, I did them. Narrative and all.

me holding a stack of 12”x12” scrapbook pages

Tonight was all about private victories.

The sky is black, but layered with white clouds shredded across. The stars show through, like pebbles at the deep bottom.

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