who’s kimbol?

Kimbol Soques has been writing since before she got her first typewriter at age 3. A poet from the beginning, she’s been praised for her incisiveness and clarity in all forms, no doubt because she hates to say things twice. She majored in English literature at Rice University, but then took a long detour through high tech. (Though even there she was published in Sysadmin Magazine.) In poetry, she strives to pare down to the bone, using white space like breath. Publications sharing her work include Non-Binary Review, Gyroscope Review, and di-vêrsé-city, and her work has been nominated for Best of the Net.

looking for a different perspective? here’s a poem-exercise.

If you’re curious about the technical space Kimbol writes within, Poetry Foundation offers a great summary of projective verse, along with a reproduction of Charles Olson’s original essay on the topic.