the decisive clarity that is ennea-five

A colleague and I were chatting over lunch last week… somehow we’d gotten onto Life With Babies (blessedly in the past for both of us). Probably because an earlier topic had brought up feces, and she was refreshed at how blasé I was: “You can always tell a parent; they don’t get grossed out anymore.” […]

tea or cookies?

Hebrew homework is preying on my mind, enough that it bubbled up as the center of an “unprepared” dream also involving kind and gracious military veterans (all men) whom I didn’t know. Yeah, I do need to look that up. So in an effort to write more than yesterday (e.g., nil) but herd myself back […]

reclaiming my time

At the end of my Wednesday workout, my trainer and I discussed how we would fit our Friday puzzle-pieces together. There’s an exercise component, which takes about an hour not counting cleanup, and there’s an assisted stretching component, which takes… well, however long it needs to and lately that’s been two and a half hours. […]

stays in motion

It’s 8:30am, and I’ve already taken about 900 steps. This is way more than I manage when I’m working at home… I only start to see these sorts of numbers when I’m formally working out—you know, taking steps on purpose. On Monday, as I tried to see whether I could set up the printer near […]

care and feeding of the quantified self

So yeah, I could have chosen differently when I scooted back from the massage. (Besides the parts where I put on people-clothes and arranged a date with My Sweetie-!) I could have settled in to write something of import or depth. But at 4:45pm on a Friday afternoon, I instead chose to click on the […]

lesser-known southern truth

After a point, it’s too dang hot to eat. That is, ya think about a meal, and the rest of you goes, “uuugggghhh, no.” “We’ll just sit here, very still, and drink some more iced tea. Maybe the oscillating fan will pass by again.”

clouds like quilt-middles

When the sky has pulled batting across its whole, the obvious thing is to mirror it on the ground, pulling the quilts up by your ears. Also, though unrelated: my flesh seems to be coming unmoored from my frame. While I was driving, the muscle around my ankle quivered like a sock with failed elastic. […]

drops of sleep, standing separately

So yesterday was a day of body-ness and relationship. My trainer moved my recalcitrant muscles to places they didn’t want to go–after first buttering them up with increased blood flow. My sweetie and I had a lovely dinner treat from my extended family…three hours of interwoven conversations, and excellent food and wine presented classically… down […]


I met a dear friend at a coffee shop not far from where A went to high school. I had hot tea, because my thermogenics can’t support an additional coffee+trimmings each day. I headed a little south to collect a lunch sandwich–there’s a bakery not far from there that I’ve treasured ever since I found […]

stick your… elbow… out

So first: the current phone-version of WordPress seems to be a little sticky when it comes to pushing out (scheduling) posts. I might’ve contributed pilot error on Tuesday (see Tuesday’s post), but with two stuck in three posts… I want to blame the tech. That’s done. Second, it’s been an eating kind of day. Like […]