I’ve written since before I can remember. The earliest things I remember writing are poems. And I haven’t stopped yet.

Poetry editors can be very fastidious in this exceptionally flexible digital world of ours, so much so that even a stray bit on a findable website might count for prior publication. So here is where I point you to where others have published my works.

Available online

“the Word of God to the bao shop folk / 20191004,” Psaltery and Lyre for January 3, 2022
“20170321 / Lewie’s reading,”  Book of Matches, Issue 2
bell jar / 20200402,” Arts Alive San Antonio, Life in the Time of COVID-19, Part 35
“trellis / 20110923,” Gyroscope Review, Issue 18-3 Summer 2018
essential questions / 20180123,” featured in Alphanumeric for April 10, 2018 supporting Non-Binary Review #16 (Zoetic Press). Nominated for Best of the Net 2018.


sacrificial / 20051001a” and “the Divided Mind / 20130828,” Festival Writer 2:13 “Unpublishable” 2014
ars, technical / 20051201,” di-vêrsé-city 2018. Austin International Poetry Festival
chimera / 20051200,” di-vêrsé-city 2017. Austin International Poetry Festival
Fire and Dust, a collection of “Nais Gadol Hayah Shom / 20111001,” “after Qoholet / 20131119,””are we there yet? / 20130919,” and  “charcoal / 20121125,” TWJ Magazine, issue 64: February 2017
newtonian movement / 20130418,” di-vêrsé-city 2016. Austin International Poetry Festival
(20110324), Texas Poetry Calendar 2016, week of May 8. Also Texas Poetry Calendar 2018, week of May 13. Dos Gatos Press
puzzling / 20100826a,” di-vêrsé-city 2015. Austin International Poetry Festival
“syria / 20170803,” di-vêrsé-city 2019. Austin International Poetry Festival
“John 10:7-10 / 20190107,” di-vêrsé-city 2020. Austin International Poetry Festival
“20140429 / Holy Sonnet 10,” in This Present Former Glory anthology from A Game For Good Christians


“Terror From the Alarm Clock”

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