Things I didn’t learn from the East

Fill up every time you can, whether with water or car-fuel. Blooming where you’re planted is sometimes just not going to happen. There are a lot more ways to dress for coolth than just to cut the sleeves and legs off things. Pace matters. And matters more at some times of day than others. Subtlety […]

Geeking out on productivity

Looking for the links from our Time Management for GS Volunteers class? Hungry for more than what we had time for? Here you go! Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun video from Box of Crayons Planners for not-so-nine-to-five life from Productive Flourishing How to Stay Focused in a World of Distractions* podcast from Michael Bungay Stanier of Box […]

Travel, the Girl Scout way

Since I live inside Girl Scouts of Central Texas’ council, these notes and links are specific to GSCTX. But if you find this page while wandering on the interwebs, chances are good these notes will be useful where you are, too.

Classic Resources for Savannah

If you or your troop families are just now learning about Savannah’s place in Girl Scout hearts, you’ll want to begin with the adult GSUSA summary “Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace,” take a look at the girl-focused GSUSA page, and then move on to the official homepage for the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace. 

Girl Scout overnight packing list

Packing List for Oak Hill Girl Scouts Weekend Campout Clothing: ___ socks (one pair per day, one extra pair) ___ underwear (one pair per day, one extra pair) ___ sleepwear ___ sturdy, closed toe shoes ___ flip-flops (for cabin/shower) ___ shorts & short-sleeve shirts (one set per day) ___ pants (one pair)* ___ sweatshirt and/or […]

There should be a GS leader Summit pin.

So in current Girl Scouting, girls can earn meta-badges called (Leadership) Journeys. They take a topic from first introduction (Discover) out to community partners (Connect) and then into addressing a community gap through project-based service (Take Action). If a girl earns all three of the Journeys offered at her age level, she is entitled to […]