what if…

… “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son…” (John 3:16) …is out of the same compassion as God’s preferential option for the poor? So not that humans are better somehow than the rest of creation (Genesis 1:28-29), but that we are so forlorn, so separated from what God knows us to […]

ostensibly about Christian Wiman

I stubbed my toe on it while I was looking for Christian Wiman things — specifically whether or not the poems of his I’m likely to be (re)reading this spring are in the poem-volumes of his that I already own… a simple task if I were at my Austin house (where those books are right […]

tub rules

non-sequitur — does not follow * Periodically I revisit those compressed, wild, exhausting times that were my girls’ preschool years. Sometimes I remember funny things, or things that went particularly well. This is one of those, except this story didn’t originate with us. I saw a good thing and I hung on to it. For […]

self-scheduling, work, desire

It’s a Saturday morning in Evanston, IL. M has gone to try out the Men’s Breakfast at the church where we’ve been worshiping, so it’s extremely quiet. The sky outside is white-overcast, making the light through the windows more diffuse even as the courtyard for our apartment block generally confines what comes into the apartment […]

gritty streets

I don’t have a daily, or even weekly, household staff. (I believe this comes as no surprise -!) Now that we pay for laundry with quarters instead of having the cost tucked into our water and electric bills, we change the sheets somewhat erratically. Underwear gets laundry-priority, and quarters are a half-hour’s expedition to be […]

plus la change, nursing mother edition

…plus la change, plus c’est la meme chose…the more things change, the more it’s the same old thing It’s been a very long time since I was a nursing mother attending a convention. Or a corporate training session. And still this image, and her narrative, brought back some strong memories. The corporate training session: I […]

vulnerability is not nothing

It is definitely true that imagination can be most difficult in our darkest moments. The numbness of despair that Brueggemann describes is the moment of greatest peril for imagination as our minds attempt to close in on themselves for protection. When the pain is so great, our only escape is to feel nothing, rather than […]

bed reset

I only made my bed when I was at my Ganmommy’s, growing up. My mom, pragmatic in all sorts of interesting ways, didn’t see bed-making as mission-critical — and really only had me tackle room-tidying when the floor became impassable. I had my own room and my own bed, so the only person affected (mostly!) […]

all sorts of mindfulness

The new microwave at The House* has its turntable at my eye level. It’s awkward for me, who is currently the shortest person in the house, especially since the door opens downward, like a standard oven door. But that’s neither here nor there right now… …what is here and was there is me, at breakfast, […]

pain considerations

I had a really gross dream last night. When, after waking, I looked up the images in my dream-symbol reference, they were all about unwelcome emotions getting bottled up and spilling over. And here I thought I was grief-ing adequately-! I mean, I sit with my hurt heart rather than immediately reaching for a book […]