Going up?

What’s your elevator pitch?

I read this and groaned. I lived in Austin TX during Web 1.0. Everyone was a web entrepreneur in their spare time; pitches filled elevators. Don’t have an elevator pitch? How old-fashioned of you.

Now, I understand the need. TL;DR happens in conversations, too. Still. Not to mention that I don’t have anything pitch-able these days. Then I read:

You don’t even need a specific grand idea or vision – at least not at first. You just need to get in the habit of sharing the things that excite you.

I am excited to be tackling my life-long dream. I am excited to be living into my core identity. I am excited to…

I write poems that use white space as well as words to recreate experiences.

That doesn’t address why anyone other than I would care. I don’t have a value proposition for poetry yet.

Still, maybe this pitch will avoid the flat, panicked stare that follows when I say, “I write poetry.” Which is, after all, what I do.

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