Grit, and face-planting

What’s one thing you’re proud of?

This prompt came matched with a recommendation to establish a particular daily time and place for blogging. To establish a habit of blogging. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything special beyond that… you can read my habitforming blog and find out in detail how I feel about THAT.

But my crankiness (again with my crankiness) doesn’t negate the dare. The dare is Blog Every Day They Send a Prompt. This is a day, and they sent a prompt. And here is a blog post, about the prompt.

And because it’s past my bedtime here at 10:45pm,
and because I am committed to sleeping 8 hours a night,
and because I haven’t gotten 8 hours yet this week,
and because I am in a different city to serve as a volunteer board (coordinating team!) member for the Synod of the Sun Presbyterian Women,
and because I have been either driving or board-ing since 8:00am

I am proud to be writing this post at all.

There’s grit involved today. Maybe I can tie this to grit of my 28-month “submit a poem to a journal” streak.

But for now I am gratefully going to bed. By 11!

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