(Finding my) Why at the bottom of the drawer

I finished Duhigg’s Power of Habit yesterday, and among the things I filed away I noted how he stresses every habit has a reward, a payout. A Why. I’m not getting to skimp on these dare-prompts, am I? Even more— Chelsea Dinsmore posted today about productivity, how she gets her stack (the stack she chooses) done. […]

Dare-ing consequences

There’s much I haven’t figured out, that seven sequential days of posting haven’t laid open. Ex: the ‘writing on vacay’ dilemma remains… BUT making a point of posting each day put a crack in something I didn’t know had a shell. Daily posting has value for me at this time. I’m picking it back up. […]


One constant challenge in my writing life is that I choose relationship over my writing nearly every time. Like now. G’night! (It might be a different choice if I wasn’t in the room full of conversation…)

Well, at least it’s revolting

What revolution will you lead? Yay, I got one of my email prompts! Somehow I still don’t have Day 6. I’ll think about that later, though, because mixing careful consideration and four women in a room that barely holds two double beds is not a skill I currently have. (Our New York City adventure has […]

What’s in a dare?

Well, this is interesting. Somehow I’m missing the latest messages from the seven-day series. The sixth would have arrived on Saturday afternoon, and the seventh today. So I don’t have a prompt to work from. Plus, cagey person that I am, I calculated at the outset that these particular seven days would wrap up exactly […]

Going up?

What’s your elevator pitch? I read this and groaned. I lived in Austin TX during Web 1.0. Everyone was a web entrepreneur in their spare time; pitches filled elevators. Don’t have an elevator pitch? How old-fashioned of you. Now, I understand the need. TL;DR happens in conversations, too. Still. Not to mention that I don’t […]

Grit, and face-planting

What’s one thing you’re proud of? This prompt came matched with a recommendation to establish a particular daily time and place for blogging. To establish a habit of blogging. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything special beyond that… you can read my habitforming blog and find out in detail how I feel about THAT. But my crankiness […]

Thanks are in order

What do people thank you for? I already have a piece on this topic. This isn’t going to be that; I’m polishing that one to send elsewhere. Besides, I don’t think the rules for this dare include recycling. I think this is an original-work dare: how else will I habitually write if I’m not regularly […]

Pick a passion

What really makes you angry about the world? Oh, look, another topic I start to argue with instead of write about! But my contrary tendencies are going to have to wait for another time. Hmm. Figuring out and keeping to a right-sized scope could be a linchpin for this writing. Onward-! Lots of things about […]