What’s in a dare?

Well, this is interesting.

Somehow I’m missing the latest messages from the seven-day series. The sixth would have arrived on Saturday afternoon, and the seventh today. So I don’t have a prompt to work from.

Plus, cagey person that I am, I calculated at the outset that these particular seven days would wrap up exactly before I went on vacation. Sure, my daily schedule would toss some difficulty in the way, but I could still meet the daily blogging challenge… and then drop it for a week. Was that what the Live Your Legend team had in mind with their series of encouragements? Probably not. Will I be blogging regularly if I take a week after only a week? Hard to say.

Letter, not spirit.

So I’m going to extend my dare-ing. Daily until I answer the final two prompts.

Be interesting to see what this brings -!

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