tea or cookies?

Hebrew homework is preying on my mind, enough that it bubbled up as the center of an “unprepared” dream also involving kind and gracious military veterans (all men) whom I didn’t know. Yeah, I do need to look that up. So in an effort to write more than yesterday (e.g., nil) but herd myself back to Hebrew… or World Religions, since there’s a quiz in the morning…


My Sweetie made chocolate chip cookies Friday. In the vein of Toll House, my absolute fave.

And I may be turning into my father.

Because my unit dose of CCCookie is two. Regardless of size, and these are as big as my size-9 hands.

Friday I had… four? warm-from-the-oven cookies at 9pm.

Saturday I had cookies for lunch-dessert. And for snack. I went out for dinner, so they were out of reach… but I had cookies before I went to bed at midnight.

Sunday: more of same. I’m pretty sure I have not had any for breakfast yet, but I would not testify under oath to that effect.

Today I managed to merge my mid-morning snack (cookies) into my lunch.

But as I drove home, I glared at myself, pointing out that I’d had sufficient calories to fuel my system until dinner (!), so no snack was necessary.

I reminded myself that I hadn’t had a whole lot of water/tea today, and that would be helpful. I could pour myself a large glass of tea and sip that while I studied. Think ‘cookie’? Sip tea!


I’m on my second glass since 4pm.

Tableau of 24oz plastic cup, Hebrew textbook, and steno pad with Qal (perfect) conjugations

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