Well, at least it’s revolting

What revolution will you lead?

Yay, I got one of my email prompts! Somehow I still don’t have Day 6. I’ll think about that later, though, because mixing careful consideration and four women in a room that barely holds two double beds is not a skill I currently have. (Our New York City adventure has begun!)

This is as hard as I thought it would be, by the way. The conversations in this room are rich, multi-faceted, with all the voices at once. It’s our norm, but anything other than transcription while it’s going on is a huge stretch for me.

In that regard my first version of this dare was less cagey and more realistic. So far, as in “from my typing the pull-quote to ‘so far,'” I have stopped writing to discuss daylight savings time, to hear about a new-bride’s “pounding” (not what you think, and better than bridal showers, but you have to look it up for yourself), to read four cartoons, and to be briefed about snoring. Right now I would envy Madeline L’Engle’s ability to work in a train station, except I’m not sure Madeline was being directly addressed each and every time the noise crashed around her.

A revolution that appeals to me at this moment involves changing everyone around me so that they don’t talk to me while I write. My husband used to interrupt too, and by “used to” I mean “did until I got very stern and precise about a month ago.” (I also move to a separate room and close the door- everybody changes a little.)

But (1) revolutions that involve everyone BUT me seem inappropriate and (2) there’s no glory in it. Aren’t revolutions supposed to be inspiring?

Under stress, I’m also tempted to head into rant territory – I find “starting a revolution” revolting. Yeah, I did that there on purpose. Snark R Us once the varnish is stripped off. Which would be tonight for sure! 

It’s time to reframe: to achieve the underlying goal, get off the keyboard, and rejoin the wonderful flow around me.

Frame #2: In what particular way would I make the world a better place, if there were no roadblocks or barriers?

I would be delighted to see every faith-filled person using poems daily to connect themselves with the Divine… and not just poems from their holy book, but poems from other believers.

Critique-voice says that’s a terrible elevator speech. But hey: I’ve posted some words tonight. That’s more than I planned a week ago; I’m giving myself a gold star. Statue of Liberty tomorrow!

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