Sure, sickness

Can I write a post in ten minutes? Mark, set…

The rhythm here is: workshop in the morning, “stuff” in the afternoon–where “stuff” could be attending instructors’ readings/showings, taking a walk, tacking a class project–and community from dinner until we’re done. Workshop Day One was great–a community of grace, patience, and rigor–and as soon as I finish here I’m going to dinner.

My chosen “stuff”? I spent my Monday afternoon vegging out.

Seriously! I did look at our assignment (optional), but couldn’t find a good handle within my essay to get cranking on it. I’m not critiqued until Friday, so I won’t find my true roughnesses until others show them to me.

Instead I read a fashion magazine, detective fiction. I stared out my open balcony door to the mountains, far enough away to be purple-blue. I sat in the air’s cool breath moving from balcony to hall, so different from home right now. I fooled around with Uber; my trip to the Georgia O’Keefe museum Thursday is now assured. A whole lot o’ nothin’.

Santa Fe is High Desert, and the altitude is tangible if easy to ignore. IMAGE/Glen staff, instructors, and returning participants beat the “drink more water!” drum steadily — evidently altitude-sickness emergency room trips have happened enough to perturb everyone.

That’s what I’m going with. I’m relaxing into the altitude…not pushing either body or brain. My energy will magically return once I’m adjusted.



(Fifteen minutes. That’s about as good as it gets, isn’t it?)

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