Redy to wenden with ful devout corage

So tomorrow, August 1, is the Celtic Christian celebration of Lughnasa. It’s a quarter-time, one of the quieter siblings of the solstices.

Christine at Abbey of the Arts writes:

There is also an ancient tradition at this time of year in Ireland to go on pilgrimage[…]. A pilgrimage is, of course, not a vacation, but an immersion in a landscape and a courting of holy disruption along the way.

Well, well, well. I’m pulling this together in an airport, halfway between home and Glen. Posting now because I suspect I won’t get around to it once I start the next leg. Posting now because the message dropped in my email this morning seemed too apt.

I didn’t realize August, like April, was a season for pilgrimage. But not-vacation? Check. Disruption? We’ll see, but disruption’s seeds are already sown.

Does it mean anything that Lughnasa is for harvest?

Five more essays to review before I get there.

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