I’ve been at the Glen Workshop all week. In times past, I’ve found “the Glen” a centering, refreshing, and fecund (as writing goes) place. When I’m at the Glen I blog mostly daily, joyfully smoothing over my days like interesting pebbles I want to show off. Look, this one has mica in it! This year? […]

they’re everywhere!

ONE In the early, early days of M.’s and my relationship, he took me to Berkeley CA. There are several glorious stories from that one adventure, but this story is smaller. Because we were in Berkeley, which is in the Bay Area, which also includes Daly City, and because — in his culture and mine […]

trust and silence

One of the constants at Glen Workshop is daily collective worship/devotion time. (It’s a faith+art conference, so not a surprise.) Our chaplain this year believes in silence. And when I say, “believes,” I don’t just mean the way Roy Blount, Jr. uses it in this line: “There’s an old Southern story about an old boy […]

tout seul, pas tout la

As of Sunday lunchtime, I’ve ensconced myself at Glen Workshop. Evidently this afternoon’s work (Monday’s) was all about Thursday: it took me longer than I’d prefer to kite out and back to the AAA for maps, so I had just an hour or two to puzzle out all the various options for driving out to […]

generous and sweet, or vice-versa

The threads in my Facebook on “OMG, less than a week ’till Glen Workshop,” and “Who’s going to be there this year?” and “Are we going to that place with the margaritas again, or the craft cocktail place, or both?” have started to crowd out my usual threads. I find it delicious that, on merely […]

games poets play

There’s one more week until I dive into the Glen Workshop. One of my Glen-friends, with littles who do not come to Glen, has (I believe) begun an hour-by-hour countdown tracker. I’m beginning to fizz, myself… …and solidly daunted by All The Things I Planned to Finish Before Glen. It seemed so much more reasonable […]


[N.B.: I discovered this leaf in an odd corner of my cellphone, dried out and a little dusty. It’s from my week at the Glen Workshop; the person I refer to here I later found was quite ill — she had to go home early — but I somehow don’t think her illness spawned this […]

Workshop magic

Our speculations about Shakespeare are almost as multifarious and foolish as our speculations about the maker of the universe[…]. The itch for personally knowing authors torments most of us; we feel that if we could somehow get at the man himself, we should obtain more help and satisfaction from him than from his chosen self-revelation. […]

Responsible person

Yesterday turned into another sabbath as I decompressed from Glen. You likely figured that out, though! Which means today you get to meet Dennis. So yes, this is a rosary, and no, as a Presbyterian I don’t use one in my religious observances. On our off-day last week, my workshop instructor and her husband went […]

Sound (but no) fury

These are part of a class exercise (game). We pulled pre-portioned texts and used them to make ‘erasure poems.’ Then, piling found on top of found (as in: ‘found poetry’), we were to leave them in places around campus for others to discover.