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So one of the exercises in my personal-dev class folded in some writing with the non-dominant hand. My instructor used it as a way to better ask one’s body what it wants to do, which I approve of more than the “access your creative right brain!” version that’s usually discussed. That’s a right-hander essentialist approach, people. (My Google-search didn’t find anything but, sadly.) I’ll try to leave my leftist rant behind, and get back to what intrigued me:

my right hand preferred writing in beautiful, loopy cursive. The handwriting I had in fourth grade, in fact, though with slightly better-formed letters. (There’s a righty bias in cursive, too.)

And when my body was asked what it wanted to do, it wrote:
Slow down. Slow beautiful.

I added those sentences to my Lesson One progress board. And then, I realize now, promptly acted them out… except without my front-of-mind honoring the beautiful part. Oh, brain-! What a trope of achiever-people, to have body feel so ignored that it yanks management away, leaving mind to stand around, bewildered.

Slow beautiful.
This looks like it’ll be tricky, now that I’m moving again.

FULLER studio released the fascinating conversations between Eugene Peterson and Bono on the Psalms a year ago yesterday. Because they could, yesterday they released some additional thoughts Bono had after the documentary filming ended; it’s a large topic, after all, and clearly a deep foundation for Bono’s and U2’s work. Each clip isn’t very long; please explore! But I especially want to repeat:

Q: In one sentence: One thing that you’ve learned about God through your reading of the Psalms?
A: He listens.

Q: One thing that you’ve learned about yourself through your reading of the Psalms?
A: I don’t listen enough.

Q: What is one difficult or troubling thing the Psalms have required of you?
A: Honesty.

Yes. This. Particularly the honesty… that’s part of my artist’s foundation.

My eyes jump to a postcard I made for myself last year.

In Jeremiah it is clear that the excellence comes from a life of faith, from being more interested in God than in self, and has almost nothing to do with comfort or esteem or achievement.
—Eugene Peterson, Run With the Horses

I want to see how well I can keep this in the front of my mind. While I’m going slow beautiful.

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