21 interesting minutes

In other news, I completed SFD #2…and got all the way to the end! The end? An end, which regardless feels glorious. And it’s revise-able, also glorious. For the moment!

Our feature today, however, is Bono & Eugene Petersen: THE PSALMS. Came out last Tuesday, and if you enjoy U2’s front man, or the guy who paraphrased my Bible into The Message, it’s an interesting 20+ minutes. I’m a fan of both people and both books, myself.

Why is this today’s feature? This:

Bono: “Why do we need art? Because the only way we can reach God, if we’re honest, is through metaphor, through symbol. So art becomes essential, not decorative.”

Preach it, brother.

(If you’ve a little more time, here’s Psalm 40… I’m waiting patiently for the LORD, too.)

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