shakes head

Yeah, so today has actually gone in the way that makes me comfortable managing myself.

Facet 1: I ditched the box of danish twists in the student common room without regret, and ate meals that my current thermogenic profile supports*.

Facet 2: I put in a good three hours of work on one of my volunteer thangs. The deal was sweetened because I was working alongside a friend—and absorbing how she handled one of the aspects that’s new to me—but sweetened or no, the backlog of donations to our church library is no more, and the ‘to be cataloged’ pile substantially reduced. (Whew!)

Facet 3: Shipped eight poems to two journals, took me about three hours. That’s pretty decisive for me! I had started to fret about my submission streak, too, since I’ll be fully occupied for the next few days. I’m super-pleased about this one.

Facet 4: Almost as an aside, I completed my assignment for the week in the personal development class I’m taking. I’m not synchronous on the course materials (“getting behind” is not a thing that happens in this class… oh, wait…) however I accomplished what I said I would. That’s the part we’re to be practicing. Accomplishing things without being deliberate or pushing… that’s kinda fun.

Facet 5: School homework is again proceeding apace, and

Facet 6: …look at me, writing a post right now.


Yep. Yet again I have rebounded into doing my work(s) after what started to feel like a brain-damaging lull. As noted in yesterday’s post. I don’t know why I don’t trust this pattern when I’m the one that has documented the pattern. I don’t know why each time I’m convinced this is the one where I slide off the end of the world and stop moving. At least I’m standing here pointing the data out to myself. Perhaps next time I’ll have a little more faith in the data… if not myself-!



*This, O Best-Beloved, is how clever-tongued English majors always talk…when they’re with other English majors and a bottle or two of wine. Pretty shy bunch, clever-tongued English majors.

2 thoughts on “shakes head

    1. Why use a 50-cent word when $5 words are laying around? Though it’s highly likely that, in the bio/med trade, those words diverge enough that together they make no sense. My Spanish ends up that way, too.

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