Some things I know

  1. If there’s no deadline, there’s no point in making poor work. It’s like cheating when you’ve already earned the A. 
  2. Creativity is not interested in, “This better be really good-!” At best it walks off, which is a reasonable response to bullying. But sometimes it sulks.
  3. If I binge on something I don’t approve of, I will eventually stop. Not because of my disapproval, but because eventually I’m glutted enough with whatever-it-is that I go, Bleagh. And get on with my life. 
  4. This process is never as fast as I think it ought to be. But it is more durable than fussing at myself. Though sometimes fussing works, and stopping sooner is objectively better than stopping later. Whether it’s eating boxes of crisp cookies or reading the complete works of Dick Francis. 
  5. I never tire of looking at the sun through green leaves. 

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