on-topic, tho possibly dry

Hey, so LAST year – one month & change ago – I started this blog as a daily writing project.

I made entries 15 out of 24 days… a reasonable amount, as far as habit-encouragement goes. But no —

in August, all writing ceases until February. Coinciding neatly with daughter A’s train wreck of an entry into high school, and our discovering root causes and ways to address them. But even then, no revival of said project, or reversion to habit.

Today it seems so very attractive to re-commit. I even re-read Your Brain At Work while on vacation at the beginning of the month (as it happens).

Call it wisdom, call it cowardice, but no. Daughter B embarks into high school within a month, and daughter A’s smooth travel through the school year is not a certainty to my cringing heart. And rather than burn my heart again, pushing to ‘be myself,’ I’ll wait.
Knowing I’ll ‘be there.’

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