tis the season

…to be cramming in Things We Planned To Do Before The Term Starts. Some of these things are my personal deadlines, the projects that I set out at the beginning of the summer. In which case I plan to keep my writing practice as equally urgent-important. Why should my lollygagging mean I reshuffle my priorities? […]

On Practice, deep or otherwise

So a fair slug of what this blog is for is to figure out how the life I currently live is aligned – or can be aligned – with the best practices for the things I think are important.And since for both writing and prayer DAILY is purportedly critical, I use this space to explore […]

“on the obstacles”

Susan Piver (a Buddhist meditation teacher) used the above title for her email today — it began: Q: Susan, I have trouble committing myself to the cushion… please address this. A: We all have difficulty with this. I totally understand. When you sit on the cushion, you’re agreeing to sit down with the unknown. Sometimes […]

on-topic, tho possibly dry

Hey, so LAST year – one month & change ago – I started this blog as a daily writing project. I made entries 15 out of 24 days… a reasonable amount, as far as habit-encouragement goes. But no — in August, all writing ceases until February. Coinciding neatly with daughter A’s train wreck of an […]

not habitforming, but i want to store it anyway…

In a recent Elle, there’s a review/opinion piece by Miranda Purves titled, “The Awful Truth.” And it’s a nice enough article, but I want to keep this quote from her quoting Rachel Cusk’s memoir A Life’s Work: “The crying has stopped,” Cusk writes of her daughter’s colic. “She has survived the first pain of existence […]

storing insights for later

While wandering the w.w.w to look for the Pomodoro Technique (ah, the web — so suited for digression, so inappropriate for my tired state of mind) I ran into this: “So, what is motivation? Let’s take one step at a time. Motivation is made up of two factors: personal structure – meaning values and principles […]

lay energy under your foundation

I was writing this post in my head during my acupuncture treatment. There are very large downsides to that, not the least of which is that, after a hot afternoon running errands, I’m having trouble connecting back to “there.” But with some cleansing breaths, some shoulder rolls, and a glass of ice water, maybe I […]

what to do first?

I got up & swam this morning for the first time in two weeks. I came home clear-eyed and focused, ready to crank. Had five different topics for blog-posts ready to go… …but there were a few things I thought I should do first. Some, like showering, dressing & eating, I’m good with putting to […]