“on the obstacles”

Susan Piver (a Buddhist meditation teacher) used the above title for her email today — it began:

Q: Susan, I have trouble committing myself to the cushion… please address this.

A: We all have difficulty with this. I totally understand. When you sit on the cushion, you’re agreeing to sit down with the unknown. Sometimes this feels terrifying, sometimes exciting but, mostly, it’s just kind of ordinary–and it’s this ordinariness that might make us think “nothing is happening” or “I must be doing this wrong.” And then we give up. However, it’s actually considered a good sign when the practice becomes a bit boring–you’ve stopped trying to entertain yourself. So hang in there with all the ups and downs–and flatness.

Huh. The feeling of staring into space is a GOOD sign? Well then, I’m certainly well beyond entertaining myself during my prayer/practice (when it happens).

Later she goes on to talk about laziness as an obstacle to regular practice… and defines “too busy” as one of three variations of lazy.

Oho. Think I need to track THAT section down!

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