This week has operated even more poorly than usual! Having B in the house all day is, I think, throwing me off… I’ve noticed a similar thing when My Sweetie is home all day. I suspect I spend my days waiting for them to interrupt me, so that I don’t do anything that I might lose during the interruption. “Might” being an important word there…again with the “If I can’t do it in the way I want, I won’t do it at all” preemptive perfectionism.

In other news, I saw a friend today after a two-month gap and she commented on my weight loss. I haven’t written about the half-plate project in a while, mostly because I think it’s boring. (I do, however, talk about it repeatedly if the person hasn’t heard my story yet. Evidently I’m happy to repeat this story to new audiences-!)

I’m down nearly 20 pounds. I’m still hungry, though to varying degrees. 20 additional pounds remains my goal. Annnd B walked through the door, chopping right through these last four sentences. Cf: paragraph one, interrupt-driven.

Anyway: I’ve been bemoaning an absence of goal. This summer I’ll target “Building a Stronger Practice.” And by “stronger” I mean… “multiple tactics that make blog posts happen reliably each day before dinnertime.” Note: you didn’t see how many revisions it took to get myself to that bona fide goal statement and not some mushy “I’ll try to think about…” waffle. I’m faster at coaching this than doing it!

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