Habits I’ve actually acquired

Full disclosure: I am distracting myself from doing the Real Thing I was doing. There’s a word for this particular style of procrastination, but I will triumph over recursive procrastination and not look that up. Right now, anyway.

I talk a lot here about my habit-resistant nature, and it’s a true thing, but last week I mulled over the following:
(1) I do have a few habits;
(2) I’m beginning to see where a habit/routine could be my friend.

Routines I have:

  • We wipe down the inside of our shower after each use. I employ one precise pattern, which I developed to my own definition of efficiency. My brain shifts to neutral (unusual for me, and pleasant) while I operate.
  • Breakfast is oat porridge with apricots, one sausage patty, half a cup of cut fruit (provided by My Sweetie) and a large cup of coffee with coffee-milk and sugar. I think about this so little that there are days I stand at the fridge bemused to find there’s no porridge left to heat up.
  • Driving directions for ‘most anywhere in Austin. This one’s interesting, because I have multiple routine routes I flip through, sort of a driving deck. A variable habit!
  • There’s a cascade of biteguard and tooth cleaning that is routine…except for its placement in the day.

The biteguard drill is new, so I pay some attention to it. Particularly when I discover in the evening I got sidetracked. Overall, I’d rather I didn’t get sidetracked from that.

I’ve also been thinking about a friend of mine who wears the same thing every day. For the same reasons President Obama does, though my friend opts for jeans and nearly-identical t-shirts. “It’s not something I want to think about; I’d rather spend my thinking on something I’m interested in.”

Oh! Well, yes.
I, personally, enjoy thinking about clothes. But I would rather not think about my mouthguard.

I wonder what other things I could stop thinking about?


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