Context cues

It occurs to me, as I’m sitting in traffic, that older teens may be an under-researched factor in middle-aged weight gain. 

I’m stalled out, you see. It could be just me…multiple months of being hungry on purpose takes a toll on the prefrontal cortex, I’m sure. 

But there is a LOT more food laying around my house. Snack food. Quick-lunch components. Desserts, because there are two people to eat them. (B and My Sweetie, that is.)  Seconds

It is hard to manage the pack-oriented part of my brain. It is tiring to be in resist-mode all the days. Maybe half-plates will get easier in a couple of weeks. 

Or I’ll find out it IS just me, brain wandering off for food instead of staying with writing. 

Which discipline is harder?

2 thoughts on “Context cues

  1. Is the compulsion to write as innate as the compulsion to eat? I would say that self discipline is difficult no matter what the application. I’m in a position to know. 🙂

    1. True, self-discipline is inherently challenging. Otherwise we’d all do whateveritis, and I wouldn’t crave my WiiFit gym ( the way I do. Have you read Your Brain At Work? ( I love that book.
      But to answer the question 🙂 —
      For me, they’re both innate…but the eating one shows up more frequently. Hm, maybe more accurately: the eating one shows up more frequently AND when I can act on the impulse. My head filling with words as I drive…harder to act on in the moment -!

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