Jen’s oasis for 19 August

Because Jen Louden is a generous person, and shares thoughtful questions each week for fun & profit as part of her Oasis. I’ll spend max three minutes on each of these…

Because I can handle what life brings, this week I want to be sure and take action on…

I have been forgetting how resilient I am in this area of my life faith in God – how adorable that I forgot that! Now that I remember, I might want to… spend a little more time in silent listening. Like three minutes a day (!)

Ten things I love about myself that are only possible because of my current age…
1. My happy stubbornness
2. My resilience
3. My tight circle around what actually matters to me…and therefore all the other things I can let go
4. How nobody knows what box to put me in, age- or profession-wise
5. My spousal track record
6. My fight-in-connection skills

Bonus: share this list with someone you love and ask her or him to share their 10.
That’s on you! That’s what the comment box can be for!

The word “virgin” originally meant “a woman unto herself.” Where might I want to be “unto myself” this week?
A “law” unto myself? Nah, not actually. I want to be hanging out in the moment all week… I might get “school’s in!” time with my friends, and I want loose, unimportant time with B before she heads back to school Friday.

In one word or short phrase, how would I describe what I’m feeling right now?
Oddly: anxious and a little fatigued. As if my body has discovered something I should have been doing but completely forgot about. I checked my conscience, and I don’t know what my body’s talking about.
Let yourself be with that feeling for a couple of full relaxing breaths. Just being with how you are feeling just as you are.
“Meaningful change begins when and where we touch our soul center again. For, in mythic terms, the center and the beginning are the same. Each visit to the center of oneself is also a new beginning and further initiation of the soul. Creation stories were often told to bring the listeners back to their own origins and awaken again the potential in their lives. In that sense, myths are healing as well intended to change us.”
– Michael Meade

When might you revisit – or write for the first time – the creation story of the woman you are today?

Y’know, that’s one of the things my Glen friends poked at me to start telling. I’ve been tucking some drafts into my Evernote account…

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