Can-‘til-can’t come early today

Sun Lay Way Over (about 4:30 p.m.) The sun slips farther down the sky and lies way over as the day begins to cool.

It’s about this time now. Too early to be done with a day, but there it is-!

This illustration is taken from A Net to Catch Time by Sarah Harrell Banks and illustrated by Scott Cook. 

We got it in a box of prizes that A once won from our amazing independent bookstore, BookPeople. I would never have encountered this if not for that prize-box…and it is one of my treasures. I’m not going to give it up, lest it go out of print like other treasures of mine-!

It is a quiet tale. All the characters speak in Gullah, with its particular music. 

Read it sometime. Out loud, even you’re the only one that hears. You never know; the little hu-hu owls might be listening, too. 

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