Or at least congratulations

By all reports, on this the evening of her twentieth birthday—one hour after the exact anniversary of her birth, in fact!—my B is an Enneagram One.

While I was working in the yard this weekend (almost all weekend!), the podcasts I listened to included Typology’s Episode 16, “Sleeping At Last: Grace Requires Nothing of You.” Which introduced me to the song above, by the artist Sleeping At Last. He’s working on a large cycle of music that is including/will include a song written from the mindset of each Enneagram type.

I’m ravished. You should listen. And hand him money to make more music, while you’re at it.



I had many lovely interesting thoughts I’d planned to share with you… that I still plan to share with you… but the scope of subduing the below took more than I’d wanted it to. More time, absolutely. More strategy-creativity. More energy, such that all my frame now seems fit for is steeping in an Epsom salt solution.

Picture of Kimbol's front yard. The xexmania has commandeered 1/3 of the space-!
What you don’t see in that sea of green-and-yellow growth: three boulders and two succulents-!


I’ll hold it all more loosely,
and yet somehow much more dearly…

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