bullet points

  • Sleep, check. Exercise, check. Time to let marbles/thoughts roll around in head (a.k.a. drive back from Round Rock), check. And look! here we are.

  • Why is it such a fragile thing? The dread “other people” keep creeping in to my wondering. Surely “other people’s” habits can’t be THAT fragile -?

  • The mementos /are/ helpful, but not as helpful as having written my goal down (wrapped specific words around it). But I’m pretty auditory; I “hear” what the papers say when my eye slides over them. If there wasn’t text to go with the objects, I don’t think they would be as powerful.

  • Setting up support structures… like the email gateway I’m using tonight… enhances success.

  • It’s good to separate the habit from the means… kinda like figuring out how to study anywhere in college.

My texting is slow enough to make this qualify as 30 minutes. It’s making my brain jam up, though.
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