think: neither pushing nor pulling but floating…

“Tibetan meditation master Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche describes the quality of enriching as being “like a tree which stands constantly still, day and night, day and night, day and night; and finally it grows and produces fruit.” So here, enriching means something like working with the situations that come to you on moment to moment basis, […]

Aha moment: Meditation time seems the same as rumination time 90% of my practice. Rumination, I’ve learned, is pointless. Ergo… . Hard to feel a ‘pull’ when that’s the case.

bullet points

Sleep, check. Exercise, check. Time to let marbles/thoughts roll around in head (a.k.a. drive back from Round Rock), check. And look! here we are. Why is it such a fragile thing? The dread “other people” keep creeping in to my wondering. Surely “other people’s” habits can’t be THAT fragile -? The mementos /are/ helpful, but […]

lay energy under your foundation

I was writing this post in my head during my acupuncture treatment. There are very large downsides to that, not the least of which is that, after a hot afternoon running errands, I’m having trouble connecting back to “there.” But with some cleansing breaths, some shoulder rolls, and a glass of ice water, maybe I […]