A little light (night) music

Ever since the night of March 9, 2016, my brain has been populated by 46 earworms. But this isn’t about my obsessive replaying of that soundtrack, or about how the worms were present well before I bought the soundtrack. Or even how these earworms kindly rotate themselves through my head via some subconscious shuffled playlist.

It’s that I’ve noticed that, among those exposed, Hamilton lyric quotes and snippets show up all over their speech and writing!

I don’t think it’s “pregnant person” syndrome, the one where you notice people like you once you’re changed. I think it’s the fallout from the ever-present mental music. When I asked my husband, “Would that be enough?” I was internally singing… the way that GenXers end up singing the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. I bet that Ms. Drew’s ‘rewind’ and ‘hurricane’ owe a nod just as much as the phrases she sets in quotes. This isn’t a research paper, so I’m going to quit digging around for more and more examples, but I assure you:

This thing is ‘non-stop.’


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