Today is a sluggish, vague day. I woke with a buzzing feeling on my cheekbones, which generally indicates more rest is needed. 

The great thing about my current schedule is that I can change gears and try things like that. The difficulty about my current schedule is that I can try things like that. The nap attempt has failed. So the day’s shaping up to be a long stretch of vagueness, populated mostly by reading.

I look up from my book and think, “A & L get in late tonight.”

  • Is L’s bed made? Has the ironing board in that room been put away?
  • Fresh towels. Time to put down the middle bathroom rug, too.
  • Fresh towels => towels to be washed, check.
  • Oh dear–there’s a queue in the laundry room. I was going to tackle personal laundry yesterday, but didn’t. It would be kind to have personal laundry put away before L (& A) get in tonight-!
  • All the laundry is prepped to go…except for the un-gym’ed gym clothes I have on. The ones I put on first thing this morning in order to reduce excuses.
  • Sluggish and vague is not an excuse either. Time to go, so the clothes can get washed when they’re supposed to!

And lo, I have activities for the day; I will be getting up from books and moving after all-! 

It’s odd to me that, once I have a thought like “people arriving,” my brain doesn’t rest until it’s unspooled all the logistics around it. Plus once I have the logistics laid out, they poke at me until I execute them.

I’m quite lazy. It’s quirks like this that mask my laziness from the rest of the world!

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