Life doesn’t discriminate

When I get cocky, think I have a handle on this writing life, I cock it up…like this weekend.  It’s 10:30pm. I’m writing. Nevertheless I’ll be getting up at 8am because I promised M I’d go down to the water with her: sleep oh well.  I was looking at skipping this post-slot entirely, in fact. […]

Telling stories

I purloined a Rolling Stone (June 16 2016 issue) from my acupuncturist’s waiting room. I wanted to read the cover article, which Hamilnerds can read here without its best pictures, and then pass it around to the Hamilnerds I hang with. I’m not as thorough a Hamilton media vacuum cleaner as they are, but they […]

Sieving days

Hamilton lodged so many tangles in my head that it’s going to take a long time for me to sort them all out. This one I’ve been tugging on since the day after… I thought it was about dying. Well, about not-dying. A. Ham spends a great deal of energy pushing against his (understandable) assumption […]

A little light (night) music

Ever since the night of March 9, 2016, my brain has been populated by 46 earworms. But this isn’t about my obsessive replaying of that soundtrack, or about how the worms were present well before I bought the soundtrack. Or even how these earworms kindly rotate themselves through my head via some subconscious shuffled playlist. […]


One constant challenge in my writing life is that I choose relationship over my writing nearly every time. Like now. G’night! (It might be a different choice if I wasn’t in the room full of conversation…)