“You told me to go back to the beginning… so I have.”

“How are you going to make your best of today?” Mike Goncalves during Creative Giant Show #82


You mean: Make my best of being present in the moment? That’s today’s straightforward path: I’m attending two high school graduations, and given the logistics I’ve been “going to graduations” since 11:30am. 

I’m enjoying witnessing the girls in my troop–alongside other kids I’ve watched grow–as they pause to recognize this shift.

You mean: Make my best of my ‘write daily’ commitment? Oh, sure. I could do that too, couldn’t I? Because I have half of my ‘no excuses’ rig. Due to the aforementioned logistics, I’m spending as much time vamping in the auditorium (they use the same one) as I’m spending in witness. 

Yesterday I sat down to write, but chose to share something I’d put down earlier rather than come up with something new. Today, I’m holding myself to putting new words together, whatever words happen to show up. Like I did during the LYL Challenge. At the beginning.

The beginning’s a good place to step forward from!

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