you keep using that word

Vizzini: Inconceivable!
Inigo: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
—from The Princess Bride

I’m not personally in the throes of this difficulty right now, though it crops up sufficiently often that the quote is on my mental speed-dial.

Instead I realized (a) that I was wandering the interwebs because I’d completely forgotten that Writing could be an activity I’d find pleasing this afternoon (!! so low have I sunk !!),

and (b) that Free To Be You and Me (album, book, and TV special) so permeated my developing self that many of their ditties are my reflexes.

Case in point, which I just posted to a friend’s Facebook thread:


Corollary: You should be wary when you hear me describe something as “helpful.” Bonus—my use of “exciting” is equally slippery.

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