cold front allergy

If today were a child of mine, I would send it outside to play. Don’t come back in until dinnertime.

There’s nothing wrong. No misbehavior to account for my negative spin. Nevertheless, today is getting on my nerves and I want it to stop.

I keep reminding myself that I’m not entitled to explanations for my moods–moods can be moody just because; explanations are tempting illusions of control that I would do better to forgo.

Particularly when, like I said, there’s no need for remediation or alteration.


A few years ago I observed that when my cheekbones feel pressured — it’s as if a pencil is resting across my face — and my eyes desperately want to close,

there’s generally a cold front coming through.

There’s no biological mechanism for this as far as I know, but I am allergic to cold fronts.

Time for my weekly Hebrew quiz.

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