What do I *get* to do today?

Today’s quick post is brought to you by Another Scrap of Paper! Not an idea-garden post-it this time, but some notes I took during a webinar. Said notes have floated up to the top of my desk-flotsam (Flotsam: fallen overboard by accident. Instead of jetsam, objects which were tossed on purpose. You’re now free to go! <grin>), though are present for other purposes. Nevertheless:

What do I get to do today?

It’s a framing mechanism, of course; an antidote for the days where one says, “I HAVE to do [onerous item].” I look at it this way: if one’s not dead, everything thereafter is a sort of gift. One could argue that some gifts are still poorly-fitting, scratchy sweaters… but the speaker who suggested this mechanism noted that even scratchy sweaters get a boost from being seen as gifts and not curses. (My paraphrase!)

I am blessed today to:
work out | clean & tidy up, using hot water from the tap | study my Bible and work on my workbook | eat my half-plate meals (so treasured now!) | ship the signed car-title back to A | drop a couple of things at my parents’ house two blocks away (a true gift to me!) | help library books get back in people’s hands | listen to Ben Folds & his current ensemble with My Sweetie.

A pleasant day, on balance. I’m keeping it!

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