It’s all a racket

At 8:45p I set out to round off my 7000 steps for today. I walked down to our neighborhood pond, and got a full dose of the source material for this camp song:

Hear the lively song / Of the frogs in yonder pond / Krik-krik, krikkety-krick / brrrrr-ump!

Dude. Those peepers are LOUD.

And then, in special harmony, the rushing sound of freeway traffic floated on top of the raucous krrk-ing. I started thinking of those overlay films in the “Human Body” section of the Childcraft encyclopedias. The next layer came from the bicycle tire hiss on wet pavement from the cyclists I couldn’t see. 

(What’s the modern equivalent of those transparent pages? Flash animations?)

#Still Life In Darkness

#Spring in the ATX

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