Today was a great day.

If you’d followed me around all day, I’d be startled if you agreed with me.

My sleep was chopped up. I remembered things I specifically needed to do today and forgot them promptly. I had five text messages before I gathered my breakfast–messages left for me while I was sleeping–so I dropped into problem-solving mode on an empty stomach. I neglected to groom myself for the day until the time I should have been walking out the door; I walked out the door to be blocked by a subcontractor who told me, “I’m almost finished. I’ll move my truck in just a few minutes.” Surprisingly, I did lug my friend’s presents to the car; unsurprisingly, I was 20 minutes late to the class my friend leads. I kept pulling over to text and NOT drive.

I left my phone on and answered texts all through class. The falling tree was handled by My Sweetie, but the “oh wait, I have to have ALL MY GEAR DEALT WITH BY TONIGHT?!” was all mine.

That made it a good day.

There were several random errands. (I left out the spoiled quart of coffee-milk, a big black eye for breakfast!) I was in and out of the driveway three times; I nearly missed lunch.

Today was a good day because I could focus on the things that matter most to me, and everything else rode those ripples in today’s pond.

Recounted differently: 

  • Today I lovingly pushed back on my B–“You’re handling these logistics fine; and by the way we’re willing to pay twice as much so that you can have a lock for your belongings.” 
  • My shower got delayed by a video homage that my A found, “Mom, for all the times you’re there for me when I’m not.” 
  • My thumbs followed B all day long. As in until supper-time, when her campus pastor agreed to store the stuff B failed to get into a U-Store-It in time. (Talk about Crazy Love-!) 
  • I passed a friend I hadn’t seen in at least half a year, and we reconnected over words and photos: “I keep forgetting they’ve grown so!”
  • I took a break to shake my head over the phone with another friend, find out how my godson is healing…and borrow a car for B.

I was late for nothing that couldn’t keep. No colleague was left stalled nor did I say, “I’m sorry; I have to take this. Keep meeting without me.”

I didn’t have to say to either of my girls, “I’m sorry, honey. I can’t do this right now. I know you’re needing me, but you’ll have to wait.”

A year ago, six months ago, I had to do that very thing. In Real Life, not just “I would’ve if it’d come up but it didn’t.” It ground gravel into my heart.

Yes, by the bare facts today was fragmented, overly busy, and mundane.

It tasted like the sweetest syrup.

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