Day and night

I confess, one of the things that bugs me about blogging at 8:45pm, aside from the fragility of the time, is that It Doesn’t Seem Right. I have identified myself as a morning person, variant Robin, for more years of my life than not. To be creative before bed doesn’t fit that mold.

To add to the mystery, my most consistent stretch of Morning Pages (about eight month’s worth!) were written in the evening. What the what??

Today I was rereading an article someone recently wrote about his daily-blogging practice, and this time I paid attention to his section about how he enjoys the sense-making aspect of writing at the day’s end.

So that’s it! I thought. When one writes at the end of the day, one picks through that day’s events and ideas, washes a few off, and sets them out for others to notice. Sense-making. Satisfying human stuff.

But evenings…evenings are not really my groove. Not in a new-work way. Evenings are for reading gentle books.

If the hook is with sense-making, what if I made some sense after breakfast? Save up the prior day’s raw material, and collect myself in the quiet space before heading into the day proper?

Hm! Be interesting to see how it fits with my gym-buddy’s rhythms.

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