R-e-e-a-d, read read read…

As is usual during Reading Week, I desperately want to read… anything but the works of John Calvin, or (though less fervently) the work of contemporary scholars and theologians wrestling with interesting ideas.

Nope, I want to read something with sweep and scope and propulsive narrative. Something like…

‘Prairie Fires’ reveals complicated world of ‘Little House’ and Laura Ingalls Wilder

Like many girls of my American cohort, I read All. The. “Little House on the Prairie” Books., and multiple times. But even while I was young I don’t think I considered them factual. They were too romantic for that.

Now here’s a book that reviewers say covers the sweep and heft that Wilder did, while bringing in the stories of the Dakota peoples, and others—terrific!

I suppose it’s all to the best, then, that what I have on hand is John Calvin, and not Caroline Fraser!


title is an homage to my beloved Everly Brothers:

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