care and feeding of the quantified self

So yeah, I could have chosen differently when I scooted back from the massage. (Besides the parts where I put on people-clothes and arranged a date with My Sweetie-!) I could have settled in to write something of import or depth.

But at 4:45pm on a Friday afternoon, I instead chose to click on the little buttons in the health portal My Sweetie’s firm offers (for $$ of the employee cost!), and on my calorie in-and-outtake app, and on my Fitbit data warehouse.

I’m never sure quite in which direction I’m fudging as I go through all that self-reporting… unduly chipper, or inappropriately pessimistic? It seems improbable that I would be accurate, though I suppose that is a possible outcome. But I’ve been swimming for a few weeks now, and discovered that—when I’m swimming in addition to my usual exercise—my health goes better if I eat a little more than I had been. Conclusion: I’d been walking close to equilibrium. That’s encouraging!

Less encouraging, though they desperately want to be more encouraging, is that each of these helpful little doodahs asks for a certain amount of poking each and EVERY DAY. Fitbit’s my favorite, because it really only requires one poke plus one typed data point. But WeRally begs me to set challenges and check those challenge boxes every. dang. day. And the calorie app? You know how that goes down.

But, still, and. I’m sustaining healthy trends in part by doing all this pokey-poke. Very well, I’ll keep at it.
Annnd I’ll press “publish,” and skedaddle off for my date!

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