Physics: so straightforward

It’s super-late for me, 11:40pm. And I want to get up promptly in the morning, so I can cascade my Friday activities effectively. But I’m also holding the line on •steps •blogging, which is why I’m here now. There’s a bunch backing up here…my brain is veering off into the challenges of blogging while I’m in the Texas Hill Country this weekend (remote, no cell towers-!)—

Aaaah! I planned to be brief! I am so bad at brief.

Tonight’s ‘brief’ sequel to yesterday’s post: I’m glad I have interesting friends. Today’s interesting friend is a Ph.D. epidemiologist who trained as a dietician—and who happens to have lost 30 pounds a few years ago, and kept it off.

My nutshell summary of the ultra-pragmatic, no-frills approach she used for herself? Eat half of what ya used to, and remember, each hunger pang says, “Not enough calories? Must need to burn stored fat!”

She brought the kind of encouragement I needed: matter-of-fact statements of what was hard, and how was hard. And reminders of the basic physics of it all—exercise doesn’t alter the burn-equation enough to pay attention; nothing takes the place of Eat Less Food.

Talk about determination: she would go to bed by 8:30pm to dodge her evening-snack nemesis.
My determination? Half of each meal-thing. No desserts, no snacks (meh), and no wine for a while.

Ph.D. conversations are so much more my speed!

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