they tried to make me go to rehab

My friend J has two new puppies. She found them through a dachshund rescue group; I think she’s worked with them for her previous two as well. (One of whom recently died of very old age… sad, even if not unexpected.)

It occurred to me that the four most recent computers installed chez Soques are also adopted through a rescue organization. Nobody thinks of PCs that way, but three laptops and one desktop later into refurbished-land, I see some overlap. Especially on the new guy, banged up as he is. No actual dents, but you’d never mistake him for brand-spanking new.

little firm-factor Dell PC in file-cabinet-sized space
Howsomever, he’s running rings around his seven-year-old predecessor.

Note to self: perhaps it’s more merciful to put older boxen out to pasture when they’re five or so. Because maybe then it wouldn’t take two full days to move all the files and settings off the tired oldster. (Yep. Two days.)

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