evidently no skill is wasted

No wit today. Instead, my attention and my bandwidth are consumed with:

photo of screen displaying annoying-yet-functional file transfer software. 3/10, barely recommend.

Edward, poor baby, is back from the PC-hospital with a whole new disk. So now we’re back to Edward-building Square One.

To soothe my, um, chagrin, I’ve been interspersing this work and laundry with Queer Eye catch-up.

Shoulda done that last time. Sweetens me up like a glass of Georgia iced tea!


And now, back to watching the “estimated time remaining” tick its way along. It seems to be calculating in Microsoft Time™^.

^In the olden days, once Microsoft started offering a time remaining estimate, we used to mock the calculation. When your work relies on it, it’s either insanely frustrating or insanely funny that the listed time jumps from an hour up to two back to an hour and 35 minutes… and so forth, until it leaps to 10 minutes and finishes within 30. Bring a book!

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