Origin story-time

Maybe you’ve been wondering why this is called “Driving With Daughters”… but until today I’ve had other things pressing on my brain more. Plus today ended up with 3, 4 sweaty yardwork hours, which has made a serious dent in my energy. Right now I feel I’ll be lucky to square this away — the topic now has perfect timing! (For me, that is.)
On to the origin story:

In the year 2016, “writer” means “blog and.” So as I re-focused on my writing in January, I knew I’d be blogging.

But what to blog about? I thought about poetry-related topics, but I quickly talked myself out of that. Devotional, faith-walk thoughts? Maybe. Still, when I sat in front of the keyboard, what kept spilling out were far more general musings. Advice, sense-making, anecdotes, things like that.

Kicking back in Austin traffic one afternoon, I again started writing one of these advice-y posts in my head… and realized what’s happened.

Before last September, much of my car-time involved taking a girl or two to an activity. Austin traffic is frequently thick, and my pace slows down — there aren’t enough road options to make evasive maneuvers worth the effort. My B-girl tells me I’m unusual this way, but for me relaxing in the car means talking about whatever’s on my mind. Or her mind, or whomever else’s mind. Observations about people (including one of my A-girl’s favorite moments), wrestling with a current event, team management strategies, Anglo vs. Filipino cultural comparisons (welcome to my blended home!), whatever.

My nest is empty; no one’s in my car. But my musing doesn’t quit just because of that. So now you’re the one “Driving With Daughters!”

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