Dragons speaking

I keep wanting – and, in my head, trying for – these blog posts to stay connected to each other. By something besides my brains & fingertips. It’s almost possible…until I realize that my ancient nemesis, TL;DR, would take over each and every time. As I bluntly told a boss once, I don’t think you’re actually interested. Not like that, anyway.

I’m on the record: I write the poetry that I do because anything longer runs away from me. Age may be tempering that slightly; blogging might be doable even though it’s a longer form than my poems. But a large part of my TL;DR issues come from the rich stew always in my brain…which part is important? Not to me, it’s all important to me or otherwise it wouldn’t be in the stew. But to you. The combination of lamb and beef? The five cloves that give a nuance you can’t quite place? The parsnips instead of carrots? Maybe the pottery bowl? 

I’m stopping that metaphor. There’s a different one I’d rather use. It’s not mine; I picked it up decades ago. But I come back to it all the time.

“It is hard for a dragon to speak plainly. They do not have plain minds. And even when one of them would speak the truth to a man, which is seldom, he does not know how truth looks to a man.”  Archmage Ged, The Farthest Shore by Ursula K. LeGuin

Today, evidently, is even more dragon-oriented than I feared. Not that you couldn’t follow the four paragraphs I just deleted (I’m not that egotistical-!), but that the clarity I had in writing them wasn’t going to connect back to the clarity above for at least another hour of writing. An hour I don’t have; I don’t have this paragraph’s time. Too Long; Didn’t Write. 

What looks interesting when you’re not inside my head?

If you get this far, this article about gifted adults is succinct, a tidy introduction to dragons. Worth your time to read! 

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