Naturally, today you did not sink so low

Other than hanging out with my church-study friends for our usual Christmas brunch and white elephant round-robin (score: 1 egg timer, 1 cat-shaped egg mold),

my task for today was to finish my Theology reading for tomorrow.

What I did instead:

grey rolly desk chair green rolly desk chair beige rolly desk chair, but well-padded

Well, technically, I did that in-addition-to. I did manage to read through II.16 & 17.

There was also the time I spent emptying storage space on my pocket-computer, because the dang thing began its day projectile-rebooting and the interwebs say the cure is to update the operating system. Of COURSE they do-!

And now, no more fun with y’all…

Now let us examine anew the individual parts of the definition of faith. After we have diligently examined it no doubt, I believe, will remain. —John Calvin, Institutes of Christian Religion, Book III, Chapter 2, section 14.

I’m glad at least someone is certain!

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